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May Christ give you His peace!
“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord!” –Luke 1:46

My time as a religious brother could not be more fulfilling, and I give great thanks to God for His call to pursue consecrated life in a missionary community. My initial two years as a Servant of Christ Jesus were mainly focused on receiving formation in religious life, taking classes on the Sacred Scriptures, the Catechism, and Ignatian Spirituality. I was blessed to weekly assist with Campus Ministry at the University of Denver and Bishop Machebeuf High School. My summers were likewise full of various formation exercises such as third world missions to Honduras, Ecuador, and Mexico, and a poverty pilgrimage from Washington D.C. to Montreal, Canada. All of my formation, however, has flowed from ample time of prayer. The greatest gift of my formation has been having the opportunity to grow in greater knowledge, love, and service of Jesus from my encounters of Him in prayer.


In prayer, I have heard God continue to confirm my call to the priesthood, and this August I began full-time studies as a seminarian at St. John Vianney Seminary in Denver. My time in seminary has been such a blessing, and I am coming alive in all my studies. Although my tuition expenses are covered by the Archdiocese, I stand in need of additional financial assistance to cover other basic living costs. Some of these include: housing, insurance, transportation, groceries, and textbooks, averaging to be $1,200 per month, or $14,400 per year.


I am writing to humbly ask for your financial assistance in covering cost-of-living expenses during my time in Seminary. I need your help because my community relies on God’s providence through people’s generosity to continue building the Kingdom on earth through our specific call and apostolate. With your help, we can continue our mission, and more souls will come to know the saving mercy of Jesus Christ. Monthly supporters would be most helpful, but any generosity you can afford would be most appreciated. If you are able, I am eternally grateful for your support. All donations are tax deductible.


Thank you for your consideration and continued support. Most importantly, thank you for your prayers. I will continue to pray for you during my time of seminary formation. God bless you!

In Jesus and in Mary,
Br. Thomas Gonzaga