We teach at Bishop Machebeuf High School in Denver, Colorado. Members of our community have taught Theology, Psychology, Philosophy and History. Following the example of St. Ignatius, we consider knowledge of the faith to be crucial for evangelization.  


In addition to teaching at Bishop Machebeuf High School, members of our community often serve as coaches, understanding that coaching builds crucial relationships with young people. Members of our community have coached football, soccer, and weight-training.


Our community supports the outreach of the New Evangelization through hosting and directing retreat experiences for young people in Denver and throughout the country. Members of our community will host, direct or assist with 30 retreat and formation experiences around the country each year.

Summer Camp

For the past ten years, our community has helped form Life Teen missionaries to serve at their summer camps and at the many Life Teen mission bases around the world. Formation experiences for the missionaries include the 8-Day Spiritual Exercises, classes on scripture, the sacraments and evangelization as well as spiritual direction.

More about our apostolates: