“Let us also go, that we may die with Him.”
-St Thomas, Apostle & Martyr - John 11:16

Servants of Christ Jesus pursue a sacrificial life of prayer, penance, poverty, chastity and obedience, that “we may die with Him.”

A Servant of Christ Jesus is called to die to his own pleasures, possessions, appetites, and attachments, that he may stand strong against the seductions of the world, the devil and his own flesh.

As he advances in strength and freedom, a Servant of Christ Jesus is trained in Scripture, Spiritual Exercises, Asceticism, Liturgy, Evangelization, and Education, to be a preacher of the Word, a teacher of the Catholic Faith, and a director of souls.

Request more information from the Vocation Director

A man who is interested in the Servants of Christ Jesus may fill out the form on this page to request more information.  You will be contacted by the Vocation Director, to discuss more information and consultation.  The Vocation Director invites qualified candidates to a one-week immersion with the Servants, for further prayer, experience and discernment.

With the approval of the Vocation Director, the Servants of Christ Jesus, and the man’s spiritual director, a candidate may be invited to the Application Process, which includes:

·      Cover Letter
·      Resume
·    Application
·      Employment History
·      Physical Examination
·      Psychological Examination
·      High School & University Transcripts
·      Birth Certificate
·      Sacramental Records
·      Criminal Background Check
·      Credit Check
·      Letters of Recommendation (3)
·      Safe Environment Training
·      Spiritual Autobiography

Regular admission to the community is in mid-August.

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